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Hoyop Hoyopan Cave

Its name comes from Bikol word “hoyop” which means “to blow” and aptly describes the cool, soft, murmuring winds that blow thorough its labyrinthine passageways inside. According to stories from the townsfolk, it took 3 years before the enemies discovered the Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon (Hukbalahap) camp.

(Camalig: Approx. 1 hour)

Also known as “Cave of Bats”. For this is inhabited with thousands of them. Explorers have to hike, cross over brooks and rivers, swim across a lagoon called “Lizard Gate” requires. There are a lot of ancient stuff excavated from this please which are believed to be 4,000 years old.

(Camalig: Approx. 3 hours)

Misibis Bay Calabidongan Cave
Misibis Bay Underground River

Naglaus Cave vaulting over the emerald streams of Sigpit Underground River give an almost supernatural meaning to cruising in Jovellar.

(Jovellar: Approx. 3 hours)

Duration:Whole Day
Php1,800 per person or
Php9,950 for exclusivity

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*Minimum of 6 Persons
*Reservation is Required 24 Hours in Advance
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